We at HAMANAKODENSO actively contribute toward sustainable development of society through sincere corporate activities in every country and region we operate.

Environment Environment

Forever protecting the beauty of the global environment

We at DENSO understand the tremendous responsibility of executing and leading in all business areas to do what we can to protect the fragile global environment.This section introduces HAMANAKODENSO’s environment activities.


Social Social

A single person cannot change the world on their own

To realize sustainable societies, it is essential to engage in alliances, cooperation, and the sharing of values with many stakeholders.This section introduces HAMANAKODENSO’s social activities.


Corporate Citizenship Activities Corporate Citizenship Activities

First, make the people close to you smile

HAMANAKODENSO engages in social contribution activities in order to show our gratitude and give something back to the local communities that support and sustain us.This section introduces HAMANAKODENSO’s corporate citizenship activities.

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Healthcare Declaration Healthcare Declaration

Ensuring every employee’s healthy, vital, and prolonged engagement
with the company

We believe that the company can grow when each of our employees is engaged in work healthily and vitally, performing optimal abilities.

We would like to introduce our commitment to employees’ health.

Healthcare Declaration